Our 'little black box'

Our 'little black box'


Dec 11, 2017

“Staff safety has always come first at Pryors, but if we lost our plant due to fire, or had to vacate the premises in the unlikely event of a chemical spill, this would in turn have an impact on our customers’ own productivity,” says Brett Homan.

“Any early alert is of huge value, but placing this responsibility on busy staff is not the answer”. With so much at stake Pryors have recently installed the latest in FAAST fire/smoke detection systems. As well as early fire detection, the system provides continues sampling of the circulating factory air - looking for and alerting staff to any anomalies. “I’d liken this so the smoke detectors people use in their homes, just a whole lot more sophisticated. And it goes without saying that this is one, if not the most important pieces of equipment we have here,” Brett added.

“The same system is used at Scott Base Antarctica, Britomart Train Station, the Langham and Hilton hotels and various schools. These are great referrals, and that gives us huge peace of mind,” finished Brett.