Sustainability Position

Pryors Apparelmaster is constantly reviewing and upgrading internal systems and processes, and will continue to invest in new technologies and programmes that support sound sustainability practise. Their recent externally accredited Gold In-step award, Green Ribbon Award and internal Apparelmaster ‘New Zealand Franchisee Of The Year’ recognises these improvements in sustainability. The following has been implemented to achieve these awards:

  • CBW (Continuous Batch Washer) recycles water 3x before extraction and provides lean water usage. For example: A conventional industrial washing machines uses 35-38Ltr/kg of work processed, a CBW uses 8.5Ltr/kg of work processed
  • Condensate Return Tank recycles excess steam to reheat water for the boiler
  • Garments now by-pass the (high energy consuming) gas dryers & are directed to the Tunnel Finisher
  • Revolution Machines (roller towel processing machine) uses 4Ltr of water per kilo of towels processed, compared with the conventional method which uses more machinery, manpower and energy and ultimately provides a finished product of less quality
  • Thermal insulation on all hot pipes reduces the heat loss & effort for the boiler
  • Importing Euro4 or 5 Diesel Vans, means lower diesel emissions & lower diesel consumption
  • A Heat Exchanger reduces the outgoing water temperature from 75°c to 25°c whilst increasing the ambient water temperature from 12-18°c to 35-38°c (used in the CBW)
  • Sensor lighting with efficiency light bulbs
  • Pryors Apparelmaster DO NOT plastic wrap our roller towels (as most do). We have introduced a biocide in the rinse water, which resists bacteria for up to a 3-month shelf life
  • We recycle all paper, cardboard, textiles, plastic, glass etc.
  • We also use biodegradable chemicals & soaps

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