Less water, power and chemicals

Less water, power and chemicals


May 19, 2017

During a weekend in February this year, our 20 year chemical supplier - Fluid Chemicals NZ, installed our industry leading Dositec Chemical Delivery System. By using a mix of air & water to flush transport chemicals to our wash machines, this new dosing system helps us save a whopping 8,500ltrs of water per day, whilst improving wash quality. Chemical delivery can now be easily monitored and adjusted, ensuring a high standard of wash quality is maintained at all times.

This new system has a number of fail safes and backups built in, and fine tune adjustments enabling Pryors to check and see exactly which chemicals have been used to launder a garment. In turn this also provides work place environment auditors with a fully transparent and traceable chemical delivery system. 

The new system is running perfectly, taking our industry leading garment cleaning standards to the next level.