A Helping Hand for Habitat for Humanity

A Helping Hand for Habitat for Humanity


Nov 27, 2023

Since March 2021, Pryors Apparelmaster has been actively collaborating with Habitat for Humanity, supporting their initiative known as The Habitat Curtain Bank. This charitable division of Habitat for Humanity is dedicated to enhancing the living conditions of low-income individuals and families in Auckland by providing them with curtains free of charge.

The process involves receiving second-hand curtains from the public, which are then meticulously cleaned and tailored to the correct size by dedicated volunteers. In the past, the washing and drying phase was a bottleneck due to the limitations of a small onsite machine. Recognising the need for efficiency, Pryors Apparelmaster has stepped in to manage the wash and dry process, offering this service to Habitat for Humanity at no cost.

Research shows the importance of well-fitted curtains in reducing heat loss and contributing to a warm and dry home, ultimately leading to energy savings. In the third quarter of 2023, Habitat for Humanity Northern Region provided 1,889 curtains, positively impacting numerous households. Pryors Apparelmaster takes pride in being a crucial part of this wonderful initiative, helping to create more comfortable and sustainable living spaces for those in need.